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Buffalo Trace Bourbon Distillery Tour

With 110 acres and 110 offices, production and warehouse structures, Buffalo Trace Distillery provides for the complete production of Bourbon whiskeys. The distillery boasts 12 of the industryıs largest fermenters and a four-story still tower.

The first modern distillery was built at the site in 1857. It was the use of steam power ­ a major advance in producing high quality Bourbon. The site was eventually purchased by E. H. Taylor Jr., one of Kentuckyıs original Bourbon aristocrats. Astute and innovative, Taylor brought advancements to the distillery as well as to the entire whiskey industry. By 1886, the distillery had introduced the nationıs first climate-controlled warehousing for aging whiskey and had earned a worldwide reputation for producing Americaıs finest Bourbon.

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(Courtesy: Buffalo Trace Distillery)
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