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Jack Daniel's Antique Bottles and Jugs

In 1866, Jack Daniel first bottled his Tennessee Whiskey in earthenware jugs with cork stoppers. To distinguish his whiskey from others, he began stenciling his name on the jugs, which became the first form of distillery advertising, according to the Jack Daniel Distillery.

By the late 1870s glass bottles were the common way to store whiskeys. Jack Daniel followed the standard round glass bottle and embosses with the distillery name.

One of the Jack Daniel Distillery tour guides told Cocktail Times that Jack Daniel decided to bottle his whiskey in a square bottle because it wouldn't roll when transporting.

Whether the story was an accurate one or not, Jack Daniel Distillery also notes that, in 1895, a salesman from Illinois Alton Glass Company showed Jack Daniel a new untested square bottle design with a fluted neck. That is when Jack Daniel decided to store his whiskey into this unique bottle after more than 100 years after its introduction.

Enjoy our photo gallery of Jack Daniel's antique bottles and jugs with the historical notes coming straight from Jack Daniel Distillery. If you are a collector of Jack Daniel's bottles and jugs or/and have a photo of your collection, email us at

(Courtesy: Jack Daniel Distillery)
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