Art of Spirits 2001
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[ Art of Spirits 2001, Design contest of alcohol beverage ]
Cocktail invites you to submit your advertisement/commercial art work of alcohol beverage including liquor, liqueur and cocktail drinks in three categories: print advertisement design, bottle & label design and interactive media. Interactive media includes a web site and CD-ROM. If selected, your award-winning commercial art will be featured on Cocktail and will be exhibited in the selected galleries.

[ Eligibility ]
Your print work and bottle & label work must have been published for the first time between 2000 and 2001. Your interactive media must have been launched on the World Wide Web for the first time between 2000 and 2001. Publication means an advertisement appeared in a form of mass media exposed to a substantial audience.

[ Schedule ]
Deadline: Friday August 17, 2001
Review by the judges: August 20 - 24, 2001
Winner Announcement Party: Saturday, September 1, 2001
Online Special stars from September 5th

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[ Contact Info ]
Cocktail, Art of Liquor Contest Phone:404-373-2038 8AM - 7PM (ET), Monday - Friday Email:

[ FAQ ]
Find out more about the contest. Click Here

[ Judgement ]
The members of Cocktail and its affiliates will pick the premium, gold and silver awards for each category individually on a separate date at the different locations. After the judges make their selections, their votes are tallied. If your entry is chosen we will notify you on or before the exhibition.

[ Entering the contest ]

Deadline: August 17th, 2001
Entries may be submitted by any countries with an English translation.

[ Your Vote! ]
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  • Vodka Bottle Design Vote

    [ Submitting Your Work]
    When submitting your work, please send the completed entry form of proper category (downloadable online) and the entry fee all together. Your work will not be accepted until we receive the entry form and the payment. Your work will not be returned once you submit it to use. If your work is accepted, we may request reproduction materials if needed.

    Print Media: Send the work in a poster format. Print work must not be smaller than 7 x 10. If your work is bigger than 18 x 24, we recoomend that you send it in a flat package rather than in a mailing tube since there may be a chance to be damaged.

    Bottle Label: Send both the bottle and label itself together in a box. Please make sure to label the glass bottles.

    Interactive Media: If submitting a web site, fill out the entry form with your URL. If submitting a CD-ROM or any other interactive work, send the work with the Interactive Media entry form and the payment.

    [ Rules & Regulations ]
    Find out about the official rules and regulations.

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