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[ Terms and Conditions : Sponsorship ]
The host and the publisher reserves the right to decline or cancel any advertisement/sponsorship at any time.

Advertisements/sponsorship which in the judgement of the publisher attempt to create the illusion that they are Cocktail editorial matter are declined. The word "advertisement" and "sponsorship" shall beprinted at the top of advertismenets that carry no signature or resemble general editorial material.

The advertisers/sponsors and its agencies, jointly and severally, agree to indemnify, defent and save harmless the publisher and the parent company, its employee, and agents from any claims, actions, expenses or losses based on or arising out of anything contained in such sponsorship/advertising, including the unauthorized use of any person's name or photograph or copyrighted material, obscene language, libelous statements, invasion of privacy or anything unlawful in connection with advertising/sponsorship purchased based on the terms of Cocktail

Quality inspecition will be forgone on all maerial received after closings.The publisher is not liable for the failure to publish or circulate any part of an issue or issues/events due to Acts of God, strikes, work stoppages, national emergencies or circumstances beyoung Cocktail's control. The publisher is not liable for errors in key numbers.

All advertising control position clauses are treated as requested. Since editorial requirements change as event production progresses, the publisher cannot guarantee fixed positioning.

Proper notification of sponsorship/advertising rate will be given. Space orders may be cancelled at any time once the change in rate becomes effective without incurring a short-rate adjustment on space already run, provided the frequency specified in the contract has been used on Cocktail's rate basis up to the date on the last insertion.

The publisher reserves space by event/issue as schedules are received. Occasionally an event becomes booked at capacity for certain types of space. Advertisements/sponsorship received thereafter are placed on the event/issue waiting list and protection is provided by reserving space in the next avaiable event/issue.

The sponsor/advertiser, agency, marketer shall be jointly and severally liable for all payments due to publisher for advertising space, production charges, sponsorship fees. The publisher will not be bound by any terms or conditions of order blanks or copy instructions inconsistent with the Cocktail's documents.

All billing statements originate from Tokyo, Japan by APS, the parent company of Cocktail By signing on the sponsorship contract, we acknowledge that the sponsors/advertisers understand this terms and conditions.

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