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"When I was four years old, I lost my leg. I could have become a cripple and worked as a pencil seller or any other number of easy-soft jobs that didn't require much physical effort or many brains. But my mother and father did not let me do that, or become that sort of person..."

This is a story of the founder of Trader Vic's and the cocktail, Mai Tai. Find out who he is through his own words. We also got some of his original cocktail recipes and cooking recipes that he discovered over the years.

Victor Bergron was born on December 10, 1902, just four years before the San Francisco fire and earthquake occurred. As the nation went through the Depressions and the world wars, he opened his first restaurant, Hinky Dink's, which later became a Trader Vic's. In 1973 he put his life and words into one book: Franky Speaking, Trader Vic's Own Story, published by Doubleday & Company Inc. You will find many of his words from this in-depth coverage.

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    - Who is Trader Vic?
    - Hinky Dinks
    - War Times
    - Business expansion until today

    "Some I have gathered at their origin and others are my own concoctions."
    His Cocktail Menu
    His Original Mai Tai Recipe

    "Follow the directions and you'll love the results. Watch out for your ulcers."
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    See the photos of one of his restaurants in Atlanta, Hilton Hotel and the cocktails.
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