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    Since 1755, MARIE BRIZARD liqueurs have been produced in Bordeaux, France -- a region renowned throughout the world for its tradition of quality wines.

    MARIE BRIZARD first made its name with the aniseed liqueur that later became the MARIE BRIZARD Anisette, a blend of spirits from 11 different plants and spices including green aniseed from the Mediterranean, where the climate and soil are well suited to its cultivation. The complete recipe of MARIE BRIZARD Anisette has been kept as a trade secret over 200 years. The liqueur offers a complex bouquet with a warm long finish. It is best served on ice with a slice of lemon, while it can also be enjoyed neat or in cocktails.

    MARIE BRIZARD also offers variety of flavored liqueurs that are 100% natural including Triple Sec, Blue Curacao, Curacao Orange, Poire William (Pear), Cream de Cassis de Dijon, Blackberry, Apry, Parfait Amour, Banane (Banana), Mint, Peach, Manque (Mango), Coconut, White Cacao and Brown Cacao. MARIE BRIZARD distillery uses two ways to extract natural flavors from spices and fruits: infusion and distillation.
    LEARN MORE ABOUT MARIE BRIZARD » History of Marie Brizard
    Marie Brizard was born on June 28, 1714 in Bordeaux, France. She is the third of 15 children of Pierre Brizard, barrel carpenter and his wife, Jeanne Laborde.

    On January 11, 1755, Marie found a West Indian sailor named Thomas, lying unconscious with high fever in the town square. Marie kindly took him home to take care of him and saved his life. In return, Thomas gave her the only treasure he possessed: the secret recipe of an extraordinary aniseed liqueur, which eventually led to create MARIE BRIZARD Anisette.

    MARIE BRIZARD is imported by Imperial Brands, Inc. in the United States. Headquartered in Palm Beach Gardens, FL., it is a U.S. subsidiary of Belvedere S.A., one of Europe's largest producers and distributors of white spirits and wines. Belvedere S.A. operates production and distribution units in Poland, France, Bulgaria, Lithuania and the United States and additionally owns subsidiaries in Russia, Canada, Spain, Scandinavia and Brazil. Belvedere S.A. purchased Marie Brizard & Roger International in July 2006.